Here's my shifting journey!

Hub Shifting Waiting Room Script MHA Script

I'm going to keep a log of my shifting attempts and just updates in general.

May 9th: Jayden got to their waiting room! They used the sunrise method and i'm going to create my waiting room script so i can try it out, I'm very excited!

May 10th & 11th: Didn't shift, still super motivated.

May 12th: Feeling very ready to shift.

May 13-26th: Nothing yet, just got a huge boost in motivation, going to make a custom DR and attempt to go there.

May 26th-30th: Feeling insanely motivated, going to keep trying.

May 31st: Not yet but still motivated, mostly cause of this site.

June 1-3rd: Been taking a break from shifting but started a dream journal, I'm planning on using the lucid dream method.

June 4th: Had a pretty bad nightmare last night. But it's Friday so that means more free time.

June 5-8th: Been motivated.

June 9th: I ALMOST SHIFTED!!! AND JAYDEN DID SHIFT!!! I was in a lucid dream and was about to walk through the portal when I WOKE UP NOOOOOOO!!

June 10th: I saw an eclipse today! It was so cool! Didn't try last night because I had to wake up really early.

July 2nd: Wow I never thought this would've happened but I actually forgot about this website. Haven't really tried to shift since I've been taking a break.